Why is it that everyone with home security has 2 kids, a dog and a fancy SUV?

Published: Thu, 19 Mar 2015

This isn't just perception. Traditional systems like ADT home security are purchased primarily by relatively affluent homeowners, and the data clearly supports this. And this despite the increased break-in rates as you move down the income scale...

So it begs the question - What about the rest of us!  Renters, students, lower and middle income homeowners - all have been ignored by traditional security providers.  In fact, the traditional providers often actively dissuade these groups from purchasing.  Check out the fine print on this ad from ADT home security, which is all but telling renters and those of moderate income to go away...

It is clear that traditional security systems have committed their business models to the relatively affluent homeowner, and have basically thrown in the towel for the remaining 80% of the US population.  In fact, most of these providers are looking for ways to add features and functionality to their offerings, which will only increase the amounts they charge their customers.

With the evolution of hardware, sensors, design, smartphones and social networks, it is time for home security to be for anyone and everyone.  At Korner, we have focused on designing a simple solution that will fit into anyone's budget, while being so easy to set up that everyone can do it themselves.

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