Watch Korner Send a Burglar Running Scared!

Published: Fri, 26 Feb 2016

Korner prevented a burglary and it was all caught on live video, as reported this week by Fox News. It is fascinating to watch, as the homeowner had cameras all over the outside of their house. The burglar was clearly aware, and unphased, but all the cameras. They simply outfitted themselves with a ball cap and hoodie so that they wouldn't be recognized, and then went about their business. But when the perpetrator finally decided to pick up a rock and break a window, the Korner Tag immediately recognized the impact and notified the Stick, which let out a piercing blare, much like a smoke alarm. The moment the thief heard the alarm, he turned and high-tailed it off the property!

Steve Vu, the homeowner, was immediately notified via his Korner App. Steve talks about the Korner product, and how it helped save his dream home from being trashed and looted, something that Korner is very proud of. Steve lives in a neighborhood that experiences a lot of break-ins, and he himself had already experienced one recently. Korner's vision is to provide home security to those who really need it, but may not be in a position to pay for high priced solutions such as ADT. In Steve's case, he didn't want a challenging neighborhood to prevent him from realizing his dream of home ownership. So he chose Korner, affordable security that can be setup in minutes.

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