The Internet of Way Too Many Things

Published: Tue, 08 Sep 2015

The Smarthome is becoming the Internet of Way Too Many Things, or so says Allison Arieff in a New York Times editorial recently. Among other items, she points out the questionable value behind a collar that helps you share your dogs vitals socially, and an app that tells you when your propane tank is low. And she then quips: "What the products on display have in common is that they don’t solve problems people actually have."

It is our view that this is in many ways an extension of Apple's success. Steve Jobs was brilliant at convincing people to buy things they didn't REALLY need, at prices they couldn't REALLY afford. But because he was Steve Jobs, he made it work. Many of these new consumer electronics products are playing fast and loose with the price vs value equation, but of course they are missing one essential ingredient to pull this off - Steve Jobs. One notable exception to all this is Nest, who managed to combine a generous price tag with a dubious value proposition into spectacular success, but of course it took the marketing prowess of Steve Jobs protogees to pull this off. At Korner, our belief is that technology should be used to make things more accessible to more people, or stated more simply, to make things cheaper and easier. Our first year cost is under $100, and sets up in minutes, which is a huge departure from anything else on the market.

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