Satisfaction With DIY Is Up For Home Security, But Down For Cameras

Published: Sat, 03 Oct 2015

 DIY Home Security is trending upwards for consumer satisfaction, but DIY cameras are headed in the other direction. Or so says a recent report by Argus, as reported by Security Systems News. Argus looked through 45,000 reviews from March to August (some lowly analyst certainly earned their paycheck!) and the conclusion was that consumers are increasingly satisfied with DIY offerings such as home security, but are becoming increasingly disappointed with cameras. In many ways cameras have been the darling of the Smarthome storyline, and as a result expectations are high. And installation, which is easy, only stokes the excitement. But the devil is in the details, and in this case reliability and connectivity have brought those lofty expectations crashing down to earth. Mobile notifications and motion detection don't work as planned, and the Netflix stalls when all that footage is sent to the cloud. And fixing these issues without an advanced engineering degree is not easy.

Korner has been obsessive about ease of use, and this focus has created a home security system that can be installed in minutes, with some customers claiming that they have set up a 6 sensor system in under 5 minutes. In the future we plan to apply this same focus on other elements of the Smarthome, and it looks like cameras could use some attention...

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