No Mention Of HomeKit at Apple-a-palooza

Published: Wed, 09 Sep 2015

Us Smarthome nerds were eagerly anticipating what would come next for HomeKit at today's Apple Fest. Unfortunately, not a word. Lots about AppleTV though, with Tim Cook professing that TV will be different, it will be all about Apps! If you combine this with the speculation that Apple will get into the video content business, I can't help but think that the days of Steve Jobs truly are behind us. Both of these ideas are certainly interesting, but it feels like Apple is more about copying great ideas from its past (Apps on phones) or from others (Netflix original content strategy). And then when the discussion turned to Siri, and how it will become a key enabler for Apple TV, I couldn't help wonder whether Apple was looking over its shoulder at Echo, Amazon's popular voice command device.

 Which leads to what I think is the most interesting possibility emerging from the event, at least from a Smarthome perspective - Is there a real battle for the Smarthome brewing here, with Siri-enable Apple TV duking it out with and Echo-Fire Amazon Tandem. That could be very interesting. And one could see competing ecosystems emerging as well, with Apple's HomeKit and Amazon's Alexa Fund/APIs.  Although I have to admit that the HomeKit strategy never seemed very Applesque to me (playing nice with others), and given its exclusion today, one can't help but wonder whether Apple might be reverting to its old ways.

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