Moving With Korner Home Security Is A Cinch

Published: Tue, 05 Apr 2016

 It is probably not very surprising that as the founder of the company, I use Korner at home. Nor is it very helpful for you to know that we love our Korner! And certainly neither warrants a blog post. But here is something that I thought would be worth sharing with our community - how easy it is to move homes with Korner.  'Easy' has always been a big part of the Korner mantra. Easy to setup and easy to use. As part of that theme we like to talk about Korner's portability. Well it just so happens that your friendly Korner founder just moved to a new home last week. And moving Korner was likely the only aspect of moving our home that wasn't a complete pain the a*s! For starters, my entire Korner system fit into a small ziplock bag that fit into the palm of my hand.

Here's how easy it was to tear down and then setup again:

1. Unplug Stick and remove Tags - for Tags just slide off cover, pop out the battery, then twist the Tag until it pops off the door or window. We also recommend covering the adhesive with a piece of waxed paper (so it won't stick to everything else while in transit). Note here that you don't even need to open the App!

2. Plug in Stick at new home and re-apply Tags - Once again, no need to use the App, no Tag setup required as the Tags are still paired with the Stick!

3. Rename the Tags - This is the only thing you need to do in the App. Go to Settings > Tag Setup, and then press edit for each Tag to easily rename them. You can also change your address under Settings > House Profile.

Done! You're back in business! If you're someone who moves a lot such as a renter, or even a student, Korner finally offers home security that truly suits your needs. At under $100 and taking only minutes to set up, there is nothing like Korner.


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