Korner Partners with Women's Shelter to Help Women at Risk

Published: Mon, 21 Mar 2016

Home security anyone can use and everyone can afford. This is what Korner has always been about - making home security accessible to those who otherwise can't afford it, or who don't have the technical aptitude to install a system themselves. As part of this initiative, Korner partnered with a local Women's Shelter. DAWN was started by two volunteers in the Seattle area who were seeking services for a friend who was experiencing domestic violence. DAWN has grown over the past 34 years to provide a continuum of community- and shelter-based services to an estimated 390,000 survivors of domestic violence and their children. In 2014 alone, DAWN served a total of 14,213 clients.

The objective of this partnership is simple, yet powerful - provide some peace of mind to women who remain at risk but who are not, or are no longer, residing in the safe confines of the shelter. Korner recently provided DAWN with over 40 Korner security systems that can be handed out to women who must return to their homes, but are still potentially at risk. Because Korner is so easy to set up, DAWN can give them to women as they leave the shelter, and they can easily set it up themselves when they get home.

A Korner starter kit comes in a box that is less than 6"x3"x3", so it is quite easy to hand out and carry home. The owner will then be notified on their phone if there is any activity in the home, and will also be woken up if they are at home asleep. And with the Korner Security Circle, they can set others, including the shelter itself, to receive alerts at the same time they do.

Working with DAWN, Korner hopes to expand this program to other shelters across the country. If you know of any other organizations that would be interested in this program, please reach out to us at info@kornersafe.com.

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