Home Security Systems Driving the Smarthome

Published: Tue, 11 Aug 2015

Home Security Systems are clearly the driver for Smarthome adoption, as we have discussed before. A recent report from iControl, the leading provider of software platforms for the Smarthome, provides some revealing statistics around what will drive adoption in this emerging space:

90% agreed Home Security was one of the top reasons to purchase a Smarthome system

70% expect energy monitoring

48% are excited about programming settings and maintenance

47% want to help the environment with better energy efficiency

23% are looking for opportunities for greater productivity

18% want a system to anticipate their needs

13% want additional connectivity with people in their lives

iControl's two leading thoughts to close out this report on the Smarthome: don't forget about home security, and make the complex simple. At Korner, where we offer Home Security under $100 that sets up in minutes, we couldn't agree more.

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