Campus Police To The Rescue? Maybe Not...

Published: Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Campus security on college campuses remains an ongoing challenge. Campuses are making a real effort to promote a safe environment for their students, but there is only so much they can do. Take for example campus police. Most campuses employ their own security force but if we look at 2013 FBI data, which tracks crime data across all campuses in the US, it doesn't look like campus officers are providing a real crime deterrent. The following two charts plot burglaries and violent crimes vs officers for campuses across America, with all data being normalized on a per student basis.

As a college statistics refresher, the steepness of the regression line suggests the strength of relationship between the two variables, while a horizontal line indicates that there isn't much correlation at all. Surprisingly, the regression lines in both charts have an upward slope, which in this case means burglary and violent crime rates increase on campuses with more officers per student.  Huh?  Does this mean that officers are organizing campus crime rings out of the back door of their offices?  Of course not, but it does suggest that although campus security are doing their best to ensure a safe environment, many of them are having a hard time keeping up with the problem.  Therefor students and their families need to look for ways to take campus security into their own hands.

Here's why Korner is the best home security system for students:

  Inexpensive - for as little as $39 up front and $39/year, we fit easily into a student's budget.   Portable - by fitting in the palm of your hand and setting up in minutes, Korner suits most students' revolving living arrangements throughout the year.   Community - The Korner App offers each user a personal Security Circle.  They can include family, friends, neighbors, school authorities, etc.  When the user receives an alert on the Korner app, it can be forwarded to their Circle with the press of a button, and certain Circle members can be selected to receive the alert at the same time the user does.

This allows students to work together with their friends and colleagues within the college community to take safety into their own hands, while providing another way for concerned parents to stay connected as their kids leave home for school.

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