Are Smartlocks the Killer App For the Smarthome?

Published: Thu, 02 Apr 2015

The smarthome is all the rage these days, at least in the eyes of technologists and the media. But we are still waiting for the mass adoption that everyone likes to talk about. Some might argue that Nest was that catalyst, but the numbers don't back that up. Nest was certainly a catalyst for bringing attention to the space, but it remains to be seen whether Nest can expand beyond a relatively affluent demographic and spur widespread adoption of the smarthome.

You can start with Korner Home Security at under $100, and that gets you 3 door/window sensors.  Perfect for people who are mobile (renters, students), and those on a tight budget.  And it sets up in minutes - you don't need screw drivers or MAC addresses.  All you need is your smartphone.

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