Apples HomeKit Ecosystem Starts To Take Shape

Published: Wed, 03 Jun 2015

Most Smarthome attention has been centered around Apple's HomeKit and now Google's Brilla. But because these are both platforms and not actual physical products, the end game for these two platforms has been somewhat murky. But some recent announcements are beginning to clarify what the smarthome will look like. As reported by Brandon Bailey at Phys.org, a number of vendors have announced products that will be compatible with HomeKit. They include two central controllers for lights and other gadgets, a thermostat, a power plug and a climate sensor. The two central controllers, from Lutron and Insteon, are hitting the market this week, while the others are available for pre-order.

By connecting to HomeKit, users can control the vendors apps with Siri. But what we find interesting is that users must link with an Apple TV box to control the devices from outside the home. This brings us back to our recurring theme at Korner - affordability. Let's take Lutron for example:

So there you have it, it currently costs $350 just to get started with HomeKit, and that's only for one connected device. Korner's contention is that most people aren't willing to fork out that much dough to start 'experimenting' with the Smarthome. At $59 upfront and $39/year, Korner is a much easier pill to swallow, and eventually offers a platform for growing into a smarter home at whatever pace the user chooses.

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