Apple Wants To Build Houses!

Published: Wed, 19 Oct 2016

The Apple car may to be stuck in reverse, but that hasn't cooled Apple's ambition to be ever-present in your everyday life.  To be clear, Apple won't be pounding nails into 2x4s anytime soon, but they are planning to partner with those that do.  Reports suggest that Apple wants to be built into homes from the ground up.  This would involve integrating up to $30,000 worth of equipement into homes as they are built.  And most of this hardware won't be their own.  Apple will provide the software and integation for smarthome devices that play nice with their HomeKit platform.

This Apple home would work something like this.  Using Siri, a homeowner could get the coffee started in the morning, turn off the lights on the way out, and then lock the door behind them while they are on their way to work.  

It is doubtful this will work with Android phones, as is the Apple way, so this looks like a nifty way to build loyalty to the Apple brand, while forcing the heretics to dump their non-comliant phones.  And the homebuilders benefit from the Apple cache, which might help them move homes in a housing market that has been stuck in neutral of late.  And what do the homeowners get out of this?  Well, who could resist an invite to a party at one of those new Apple homes!

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