Step 1

Plug Stick into your modem or router

Step 2

Download App

Step 3

Stick Tags on doors and windows and you're good to go!


The Tags on Doors and
Windows sense movement.


The Stick sends out a
loud alarm and notification
to your devices.


The App notifies you of
the intrusion and helps
you resolve the issue
from wherever you are.


Engage your Friends,
Family and Neighbors

Create a Security Circle from the contacts on your phone. Then when you get an alert on the Korner App you can involve your community with one press of a button!

  • "I have happily discontinued the traditional monitoring service I have been using for years in lieu of Korner and am totally satisfied!"

    -Jeffrey A, San Antonio, TX

  • "I recommend the Korner system as a simple security system, it took less than 5 mins to install.... a system that can easily move from house to house or flat to flat."

    -Errol M., Addlestone, UK

  • "I gave this system to my sister who is out of work and disabled - and who had her home broken into in the past...My sister is delighted and so relieved to be well protected. Thank you Korner!"

    -Rochelle, Sammamish, WA

  • "The customer service is impeccable. I had a hiccup while installing (totally user error), sent an email and had a very thorough response within MINUTES. Problem instantly solved!"

    -C. Russell, Atlanta, GA

  • "The first security system I have had that has not had bulky battery packs and magnetic sensors that make your doors and windows look ugly"

    -Gerald T, Kissimmee, FL

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